How to find the Best Gaming PC under $1000?

Are you one of those budding gamers who have spent sleepless nights poring over gaming PC details just to get the most power a rig can give? If you are still undecided on what to bring to your gaming pc rig, let us help you figure out the best option for you by determining a qualifier: you budget. 


Your budget will tell you how thin you can stretch out your options. This will help you prioritize what matters most to your gaming PC setup.  

What to Look for in the Best Gaming PC under $1000  

We have combed through some of what we think are the best prebuilt gaming PCs available today. This is the best initial step to get an idea on what to expect in a gaming PC under $1000. 

We have spent time going through the specs of the pre-built gaming PCs we’ve researched to find out what is common among them. We’ve also gone through the notes for their reason why they think they built a powerful gaming PC within the budget. 


Now, let us get started and go through this guide on what to look for when in the market for the best gaming PC under $1000. You need to have a good grasp of the relationship between each component to make sure you have the best gaming PC setup in your grasp. 


Since you’re working within a budget, you’ll see a lot of gaming PCs with an older generation of CPUs. Look for the best compromise in the version of the processor you are looking to purchase. Remember that though you are getting an older generation, these are processors that are still powerful enough to run games at high settings. 

Graphics Card 

To get the best detail out of your game, the Graphics Processing Unit is your main component. This will be where your gaming PC will need the greatest amount of power. 


While a $1000 budget ensures a high-end gaming experience, your graphics card will only take you up to 1440p gaming. It won’t be able to give you a lot if you try a 4k resolution but it is powerful enough to bring you optimal experience in your gaming.  


An 8Gb of RAM is usually recommended for gaming PCs on a budget. However, with a $1000 available, you should easily boost your gaming PC to run on a 16GB of RAM. Although, most gaming PC builders say the 8GB RAM set up is more than sufficient for your gaming, the 16GB RAM investment will surely ensure you will still be able to play games that will be released in the future. It will surely outlast an 8GB RAM rig.  


You have plenty of options with your storage. You can comfortably add a 500GB SSD storage to your rig. With your budget, you can opt to go for the 1TB SSD with an additional 1TB of hard drive. Whatever the case is, you’ll surely have no difficulty procuring the best storage setup for your gaming PC. 

Other Components to Consider 

 Now that you know what to look for in the main components to look for in a gaming PC, you can check out some of the items in this section for some peripherals to sweeten the deal. 

Power Supply 

Getting the best option for your power supply is crucial to the health of your gaming PC. It will prevent major accidents like getting your motherboard fried to a point of needing to rebuild your gaming PC from scratch. 

Gaming PC Case 

Another factor to consider is your tower. If aesthetics is not that much of importance to you, you can always check if the case you’ll buy can cater to some upgrades you might do in the future. Double check if it has extra cabinets for additional items you may want to equip your gaming PC or if you can add fans in the future. A good gaming PC case should have enough space just in case you want to upgrade your gaming PC. 


 The majority of the decision will still rely heavily on your preference, your gaming style, and the level of gaming experience you want to achieve. We hope this guide has helped you be on the right track in finding the best gaming PC for you.